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Our Story

Meet Charlotte Scott,

The Founder of Thrive Urban Wellness 

Charlotte has always had an intrinsic passion to help others and a natural curiosity for health science and wellness.

Over the years of noticing a gap in accessible and inclusive wellness clinics within our community, for both her professional growth and practice as a massage therapist, and as a woman and mother on a personal journey to evolve a wellness lifestyle, a concept evolved.  Charlotte decided 2020 was the time to create a space that brings together (virtual & in-house) a collection of exceptional health & wellness practitioners and therapies, workshops and products to offer her community as options that can support wellness as a lifestyle.

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to Thrive Urban Wellness, located at 471 Timothy Street in the Historic District of Downtown Newmarket. Thrive is a collection of health & wellness practitioners, offering;  individual & family counselling, nutrition consulting, theraputic exercise & fitness training, registered massage therapy and reiki therapy.

  At Thrive, we provide a client-centered approach and are committed to creating options to support and care for the physical and mental health needs of individuals and families of our local neighbourhood. Community driven, locally owned, a place to heal, discover and grow.

Thrive believes in the benefits of community outreach and partnerships and can connect patients with external practitioners to provide fully integrated support. 

Pillars of Thrive



Locally Women Owned

Thrive is a local, woman owned company that attracts and showcases, like-minded, local health care providers and wellness practitioners who are knowledgable passionate

and known to be exceptional within their field. We provide client-centered care and assessments though treatments, classes and workshops. We are committed to creating options to support and care for the physical and mental health needs of individuals and families of our local community. Sense of Community, Sense of Self....a place to heal.




Thrive features products and brands that are intentionally designed to create minimal negative environmental impact. Made of responsibly sourced,

earth-friendly ingredients and materials which have been ethically harvested and upcycled. We believe in supporting local artisans, crafters and Canadian small business. Thrive is also committed to sourcing products that are Fair Trade and to ensuring the makers and artisans locally and abroad, are paid a living wage for all products. Curated with love, offering you dozens of products and services to be impactful on your lifestyle not on our environment. ...a place to discover.

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Community Driven

Thrive is a community driven wellness centre that focuses on outreach and providing education and services that empowers individuals to improve 

heir lifestyle. We want to create a

 community that is inclusive, accessible and that provides the quality of care to foster a culture of wellness. Thrive showcases local artists and wellness practitioners through product features and connecting patients with external practitioners to provide fully integrated support. We also host events and workshops to encourage and educate the community on daily wellness practices...a place to grow.

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