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Meet Charlotte Scott, the founder of Thrive Urban Wellness Inc.. Established in 2020.

Charlotte has always had an intrinsic passion to help others and a natural curiosity for health science and wellness.

Over the years of noticing a gap in accessible and inclusive wellness clinics within our community, for both her professional growth and practice as a massage therapist, and as a woman and mother on a personal journey to evolve a wellness lifestyle, a concept evolved.  Charlotte decided 2020 was the time to create a space that brings together (virtual & in-house) a collection of exceptional health & wellness practitioners and therapies, workshops and products to offer her community as options that can support wellness as a lifestyle.


Wellness /wel-nis / noun

the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind,

especially as the result of deliberate effort

Charlotte Scott sat with dog
A Bit About Us
Pillars of Thrive
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