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Naturopathic Medicine

Initial Naturopathic Medicine Intake Appointment


In-depth review of your health history to diagnose, treat, manage and prevent acute and chronic conditions, while also addressing health at the level of the mind, body and spirit.

Duration: 90 Minutes



Traditional Chinese Medicine approach is used to correctly identify symptoms or organ systems out of balance. Acupuncture can be used to support the healing of the body and coerce back into harmony and alignment.

Duration: 1 Hour

Follow Up Naturopathic Medicine

$100 - $200

Continued support is provided in the progress of your health journey and to keep you motivated towards the path to success.

Duration: 30 Minutes - 90 Minutes

Naturopathic Mind-Body Therapy

$120 - $150

Naturopathic Hands on Therapy paired with Healing Modalities and Mind-Body Coaching. This style of therapy aims to provide physical healing as well as tools to strengthen the relationship and awareness with the body and mind.

Duration: 60 Minutes - 90 Minutes

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