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How to Dry Brush Your Face and Neck

Updated: Jun 3

Dry brushing is a practice known for its many benefits. It was first practiced over 5,000 years ago in India as a type of Ayurveda medicine. Chinese, Greek, and Roman civilizations also used it to treat multiple health conditions. As beneficial as it is for the body, it is equally as beneficial for the face and neck. However, it can be more preferable to use a soft bristle dry brush for these areas depending on individual skin sensitivity. If you want to make this a regular practice, you could stack the habit onto your shower routine to act as the cue for the practice to take place.

How to Dry Brush the Face and Neck:

Begin with clean dry skin and a dry brush (it is important that your brush does not get wet). Repeat each motion at least 5 times with gentle pressure and intentional movement. Avoid the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth. Province Apothecary lays out steps as follows:

  1. Start with downward swipes all over the neck from ear to shoulder to activate the lymph nodes and blood flow before working on the face.

  2. Move to the forehead with upward swipes/small circular motions toward the hairline.

  3. Brush the cheekbones with outward motions working toward the hairline. Repeat on the other side.

  4. Downward swipes on the chin.

  5. Brush along your jawline, reaching the ear and following the brush down the neck. Repeat on the other side.

  6. Finish your routine with horizontal brush stokes from the middle of the neck out toward the side of the neck to direct lymphatic drainage toward the heart.

Once you are finished dry brushing follow-up with your regular skincare routine.

How to Clean Your Dry Brush:

Province Apothecary has a guide to clean Sweden's Iris Hantverk dry brush which is:

  • Do not get brush wet.

  • Do not wash with soap and water.

  • Store in a dry place.

  • To clean, sprinkle bristles with clay or cornstarch. Massage into bristles gently and then shake out all powder. Repeat weekly to absorb and remove dirt + oil.

  • The handle can be re-oiled as needed.

  • Minimal bristle shedding is normal for first use.

About Sweden's Iris Hantverk Facial Dry Brush:

Province Apothecary informs us that, "the oak handle is certified responsibly forested, and the goat hair bristles come from a chain of reliable suppliers. The owners of Iris Hantverk have been purchasing from their supplier for over 40 years and take a personal interest in the collection and quality of the material. They provide the same materials to large retailers across the globe who have strict regulations around the ethical collection of animal materials, and Iris Hantverk complies with all of them. The goats are never killed for their hair, they are shorn similar to the way that wool is collected from sheep."


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